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Ban the Jesuits: Jesuits and their Opponents in the 1700s

by Jonathan D. Lawrence

Faceoff for the Future of the Order

The Jesuits were founded in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola. They spread quickly around the world, developing schools and missions and serving at the direction of the Pope. The year is now 1772 and the Jesuits face accusations from multiple directions ranging from fear of their allegiance to the Pope and independence from local political and religious rulers, claims that “seeing God in all things” has led them to wrongly accept concepts from other religions and violated Church teachings, to rumors that they are hoarding secret wealth despite their vows of poverty. Jesuits, Royal Ambassadors, Archbishops, and members of the Crowd have gathered in Rome to decide the fate of the Jesuits. A 2/3 vote is needed to decide whether or not to ban the Jesuits. If they are banned further votes will determine what happens to individual Jesuits and the Jesuit schools and property.

This is a Microgame under review that is being provided to the community for further play testing. A detailed explanation of the Microgame review process will be published soon.



Cultural and Social History, Political Science & Government, Religion, Sociology, Western Civ/History

18th Century


Themes and Issues  
Suppression of the Jesuits, Intersection of 18th Century Religious, Political, and Cultural Forces, Class, Colonialism

Player Interactions 
Factional, Competitive, Aggressive, Coalition-Building

In a Few Words
Religious vs. Secular Power

Chaos and Demand on Instructor 
Designed as an easy intro for classroom roleplaying.

Minimal chaos,

Minimal demand on instructor

Short Game (what's that mean?

Notable Roles

The Jesuits

European Ambassadors


Using the Game

Class Size and Scalability 
This game is recommended for classes with 8-30 

Class Time  
This game is designed to be played in a single class session.


No required writing assignments or speeches.


Reacting Consortium members can access all downloadable materials (including expanded and updated materials) below. You will be asked to sign in before downloading.  Basic game materials (Gamebook, Role Sheets, Instructor's Guide, and Handouts) are available to any instructor through the publisher. 

Instructor's Manual

Microgames don't require a Gamebook, the Instructor's Manual outlines how the game is played and includes additional materials to make it work.

Updated June 2023
.docx file

Role Sheets 

Students also need a Role Sheet, which contains biographical information, role-specific resources or assignments, and their character's secret victory objectives. 

 .zip file of .docx files.


Jonathan D. Lawrence

Dr. Lawrence enjoys bringing literature, movies, music, and art into discussions of religious traditions, beliefs, and practices. As an ordained minister, he is interested in questions of faith and belief but tries to discuss these issues in class in a way that can engage students from different religious perspectives, even those who do not consider themselves religious. He often uses service learning and site visits as a way to introduce students to the religious history of Buffalo and issues of justice in the community. He is currently engaged in a study of religious diversity in Buffalo and is compiling an online map of Buffalo's religious communities including oral histories and other historical data. He is the author of Ban the Jesuits, a Reacting Microgame currently under review.


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