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Interested in designing your own Reacting to the Past Game? Below are downloadable files intended to aid RTTP game designers in their design process.

These templates, boilerplate texts, and rubrics are designed to maintain standards, quality, and cohesion for the Reacting to the Past game series. To download a file, simply click on a link below.

Reacting Editorial Board (REB)

The mission of the Reacting Editorial Board is to assist game designers and to maintain standards of quality for the Reacting series as a whole. They evaluate games under review and provide feedback to game designers to assist in the process of the academic publication of Reacting Games.

The game development process is solely handled by the REB. For more information and for inquries, please visit the REB page or contact the chair of the REB, Kelly McFall.




Short Games and Microgames

Short Game Framework (2022)

Please contact the chair of the Short Games Subcommittee, Bill Offutt, with questions about short games at: billoffutt@aol.com

Microgame Framework (2022)

Microgame Instructor Manual Template (2023)

Microgame Role Sheet Template (2023)

Please contact Raymond Kimball with questions about microgames at: ray@42ed.games

Short Game and Microgame Working Group Report to the REB (2022)

*This report is only a reference to help game authors understand the updated guidelines and changes to short games and microgames.

Submit Game and Prototype to BLORG

Submit your Reacting Concepts and Prototypes using this Google Form. Each submission is reviewed by members of our Editorial Board. Successful submissions will receive additional materials and information concerning game development.

This Big List of Reacting Games (or the BLORG) contains all of the known Reacting games, prototypes, and concepts. It also includes the names of the authors and the development editor.

  • Level 5 games have been reviewed and published; instructor materials are available on this site but student manuals must be purchased from the publisher.
  • Level 4 games have completed review by the Editorial Board but are unpublished. All game materials for them should be available on this site.
  • Level 3 games are currently under review by the Editorial Board. All game materials for them should be available on this site.
  • Level 2 games are not yet under review but some materials may be available by contacting the game author.
  • Level 1 games do not yet have sufficient materials such that the game can be played by anyone other than the game author.

Copyright and Publication

Game authors should keep copyright and permissions in mind when incorporating written sources, images, and translations into their gamebooks. While this is most important for published games, keeping track of these works can help authors at all levels game authors can contact the RTTP Publications Director for help securing rights and if they have any questions about copyright.

The Publications Director is Jace Weaver. Jace has published 18 books himself, and he served as director of Reacting Consortium Press, which was RTTP’s second line when it was publishing with W.W. Norton and Company. He is also an attorney well-versed in copyright law. As Publications Director, Jace acts as RTTP’s liaison with the University of North Carolina Press. He also can assist authors with getting permissions and understanding their contracts. He also has model letters for requesting permissions, which he can provide to authors.

RTTP Copyright and Permissions Tipsheet (July 2023)

Submit Files to Website

Once your game is at level 3 you can submit your files to the website where it can be used by Reacting Consortium members!

This Google Form can be used to send files for New Games, Updated Files for an Existing Game, and Community-Made Files.

Please read the File Submission Protocol to ensure that your files are ready to be posted on the website and prevent any delays due to formatting issues.

UNC Press Author Toolkit

*For games that are approved to be published

Author Toolkit (October 2022)

This website is still in beta.  Please email us with feedback and ideas. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

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