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The harvest season leads many of us to reflect on all we have, and all that we can share with others. This year, the Reacting Consortium is asking you to consider a donation to our non-profit efforts leading up to Giving Day, 2022: Tuesday, November 29.

This year, our theme is Re-Mark-ing on the Past, and it is dedicated to giving in honor of MarkCarnes' term as Executive Director. We want to keep what Mark Carnes started going. Please give this year in honor of the years he nurtured, sustained, and supported everything Reacting does now. Help keep Reacting growing.

Additionally, we have received the offer of a matching grant from a generous, anonymous donor, for the value of up to $5000, so it's an especially  great time to give, as your donation will effectively be doubled! Giving is easy; just scroll down to enter your information.

The Reacting Consortium works to help instructors and develop new games in order to support effective, engaged learning in a broad variety of ways. Our April 2021 fundraising drive focused on raising funds to support new Reactors from HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions attending  Reacting Workshops. Our goal for the fundraiser was $2,000.00, and with the help of this community, we blew past that goal. 

As of November 10, 2022, we've supported ten different faculty members with free registration to our virtual or in-person training events, and we have funds left to continue this good work going into 2023.

Whether you're a student who loved your Reacting class, an intrigued parent, or a professor who has long used Reacting to inspire: please consider a donation to help keep this innovative pedagogy going and growing. Your gift makes a difference! 

A special thank you to all of our donors.


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The Reacting Consortium is a 501(c) (3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible.
Please note that donations are separate from registering for membership and paying membership dues.


Thank you to all those who have given in support and continuance of the Reacting Consortium. 

$3,000 or more

$501 to $1,500
Frederick Colby

Marsha Driscoll

Ray Kimball

Paul Otto

$251 to $500
Naomi Norman

Mark Carnes

$100 to $250

Ben Alpers

Patrick Coby

Dorothea Browder
In honor of Andrew Browder

Averill Earls

Ann Engar

Michaele Ferguson

Katie Glasner

Steve Harris

Paula Kay Lazrus

Thornton Lockwood

Elisa Miller

Stephanie Muravchik

Terri Nelson

Bill Offutt

Troy Paddock

Nick Proctor

Darlene Rivas

Greg Rose

Allison Shutt

Jonathan Truitt

Jace Weaver

Beth Wightman

up to $99

Anonymous 4

Jean Abshire
In gratitude for this community.

Trey Alsup

Jennifer Anderson

Dwight Brautigam

Mark Byrnes

Robert Chase

Kasee Chester

Nora Corrigan

Mike de Brauw

Paul Dahlgren

Marko Dumancic

Sarah Handley-Cousins

Averill Earls

Sace Elder

Julia Fanjoy-Labrenz
In honor of Rebecca Stanton

Gretchen Galbraith

Marie Gasper-Hulvat

Anya Golvkova

Elizabeth Gordon

Mark Johnson

Jennifer Jung-Kim

Brian Klunk

Danielle La Londe

Traci Levy

Kyle Lincoln

Marina Maccari-Clayton

Abigail Markwyn

Katie Martin-Brown

Linda Mayhew

Suzanne McCoskey

Eliza Miller

John Moser

Martha Payne

Cynthia Prescott

Lisa Pruitt

Maureen Quigley

Rhonda Reymond

Alyson Roy

Nancy Small

Kendra Smith-Howard

Alison Sandman

Kathryn Schild

Ann Siegle Drege

Rebecca Stanton

Erin Taylor

Vincent Thibeault

Cydni Vandiver

Pamela Walker

Carl Weinberg

Allen White

Jeff Yeake

This website is still in beta.  Please email us with feedback and ideas. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

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